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Fortunate Son

Fire and Ice


Robert Frost

Robert Frost
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Robert Frost is possibly one of the most famous poets in all of history. A four time Pulitzer Prize winner. You could often see autobiographical hints of his life spread either consciously or unconsciously. Frost suffered devastating losses throughout his entire life including the loss of his sister two of his children and his wife. Robert Frost had a way with writing poems about the depth of the soul, loss and grieving, but could just as easily write light and cheerful poems. Robert Frost was born in the 26th of March 1874 in San Francisco. Frost graduated at the top of his class in high school and attended Dartmouth University in 1892. Frost got his first poem published in 1894 in the New York magazine Independent. Robert Frost attended Harvard University but had to leave in 1899 due to illnesses. Harvard would be amongst many colleges to give Frost an honorary degree. Robert Frost will forever be remembered as one of the greatest poets of all time and will continue to be celebrated in history for many years to come.