The Road Not Taken

Fortunate Son

Fire and Ice


Robert Frost


The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost discusses the topic of choices. Robert Frost states that in life there are two roads. You can take the easy road, which may not always be the right decision, or you can choose to walk the more difficult but "right" path. The narrator asks that through all the grief is there even a light at the end of the tunnel? It has been suggested that the poem promotes individuality and non-conformity. Some of the recurring themes in the poem are individuality, choices, and consequences. One of these themes is antithesis. The narrator wishes he could take both of the roads, but once he realizes that this is impossible he completely disregards the idea. The narrator also says that he tried to look down the path to try and see what he would face depending on which path he chose. This brings up the question: if you knew all of the hardship and grief that you would face, would you still take the higher road? In this poem Frost is saying that making the right decision isn't always easy.